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Lower Control Arm Tool vs. Pry Bar

Since using a pry bar & hook setup is common for C/V axle work, we thought you might want to see how our Lower Control Arm Tool 6803 will actually make the job easier!

Using Pry Bar & Hook Setup Using LCAT 6803
Set up can rotate and slip off. Does not rotate. Will hold securely without slipping. Watch our video and see how ball joint goes back into steering knuckle. No other tool can do this with such ease.
Can slip and pinch finger. Total control of component movement.
May need one person to hold down pry bar while a tech does the work. Effortless, one-man operation.
Time to do job is unpredictable and depends on the vehicle. Very predictable and always less than allotted book labor time.
May take time to set up especially when using a chain with nuts & bolt. No set-up time. Ready to use.
Quality materials that will last a lifetime if used properly.
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