SimTools LLC


This tool works awesome. The red hook piece can be reversed to the left or right side, which is handy to avoid sway bar link mounts on the LCA. If you’re looking at this tool and wondering what the heck it does, it’s very simple. It’s like a long pry bar that hooks on the LCA (lower control arm) without having to use a chain or strap to secure it. It makes it much easier and quicker to pop the lower ball joint out of the knuckle. As a flat rate transmission tech, this has paid for itself in a month's time.

– Amazon Reviewer, January 2017


I run the automotive shop/lab for a local community college. I bought this tool because an instructor said that we must have this in our tool inventory. It makes a 2 man job or very difficult one man job into an easy one man job on most front end work. All my instructors who do front end work in the shop really like it. It is a must for techs that don't have an extra set of hands available for those difficult jobs.

– Verified Amazon Reviewer, May 2016


Well built tool that takes the all pain out of replacing CV axles and makes it a one man job!

– Amazon Reviewer, October 2015


Great tool at a great price.

– Verified Amazon Reviewer


The tool works as described, the seller is very customer friendly, the tool arrived early and the packaging was very good.

– Verified Amazon Reviewer


This is a great tool! Watch the video on YouTube. We have had it for 3 weeks, and it has made axle and ball joint work much easier.

– Verified Amazon Reviewer


Ball joint repair tool works great.

– Satisfied Customer, April 2017


I am a home DIY mechanic that fought with control arms and bushings for years until I ran across this tool. My only concern with this tool was the fact that I did not use a lift. I jacked up my car and worked from the ground. I was concerned that I would have enough ground clearance to use the tool. I used this to change the control arms and struts on my 2008 Volvo XC70. The tool was a blessing because it allowed me to control the movement of the control arms better than I ever could before. This tool is worth every penny, even just on this one job. Future jobs will be less dreadful with this tool. Buy it and you will not be sorry.

– Satisfied Customer, March 2017

Hello simtools team!

We used your tool for more than a year and it changed our lives! I don't understand how a shop that is doing a minimum of direction and suspension can live without this tool. Anyway just want to say thanks to the genius that invented the product!!!

         - Robin, Mecanimax car repair shop in Montreal! GO HABS GO !!  July,2018