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Lower Control Arm Tool #LCAT6803

$ 379.00 $ 450.00

Lower Control Arm Tool #LCAT6803
Lower Control Arm Tool #LCAT6803 Lower Control Arm Tool #LCAT6803 Lower Control Arm Tool #LCAT6803 Lower Control Arm Tool #LCAT6803

$ 379.00 $ 450.00

Thank you for your interest in our LCAT! We will be reopening the online store for orders again in October. In the meantime, please send us a note and we will follow-up with you when it is available again.

This innovative tool was designed to replace CV axles, ball joints and control arms as a single-person job.  Its unique design and geometry prevents it from slipping or rotating and also prevents damage to the vehicle or injuries to the technician.  The tool will also expedite front and rear strut replacement, avoiding the need to remove other components. STANDARD U.S. SHIPPING IS FREE.


  • Reversible quick change tool head, to cover the occasion where the suspension design allows approach from only one side
  • Chain attachment for suspension arms which will not fit into the jaws of the tool head, allowing this tool to work on even more vehicles
  • Built with high quality materials, tool steel is used for critical components , this tool when used properly, will last a lifetime.
  • New breakdown version comes with a 2-piece handle to facilitate storage.

Eliminating the need for a second person to assist, as well as the need to remove other components, this tool cuts work time by 1/2 or more, thus increasing profits.  A must for all auto mechanics.

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